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Excalibur forklift solid tyres

Tyres with a natural rubber compound provide the advantages of resilience, energy efficiency, lower rolling resistance and the reduction of heat build up, resulting in maximum reliability.

Proven Block Thread Profile:

Larger footprint, greater stability, providing increased traction.

Scuff bar:

Protects tyre and wheels against side impact damage.


Tyres are reinforced with creel bead wires to ensure secure wheel and rim fitment for all forklifts and applications.

Our three stage construction offers special abrasion resistant tread with a formulated soft centre core for that ultimate soft ride while reducing driver fatigue.

Large contact area:

Our "Excalibur" wide tread reduces tyre wear proportionally due to its wider and longer footprint while providing an aggressive 4 to 1 lug to void ratio.

"Excalibur" pneumatic shaped solid resilient tyres are ideally suited for both battery operated electric and internal combustion engine forklifts for any application, and are available in non-marking as well as "clip-type" tyres in all sizes.

We keep the following sizes in stock:

  • 500-8
  • 600-9
  • 650-10
  • 700-12
  • 815-15

Pneumatic and rough terrain tyres available on request

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