The Ultimate Forklift Maintenance Guide

04 Feb 2020

The Ultimate Forklift Maintenance Guide

Forklifts are valuable asset for the industrial operators. these outstanding machines are known for their workability for material handling industry. However, these forklifts need proper maintenance in order to stay operational. This is the main reason for which, material handling equipment operators should follow some basic forklift maintenance guide to avoid any kind of inconvenience. This is the main reason for which, it would be great to keep them operational for round the clock.

Here is a solid guide to properly maintain forklift for more industrial productivity.

  • Don’t skip daily checkups
    Make sure that, you have properly checked up your forklift before going to workplace. It is important because, without daily checkups, you can’t detect minimal faults and they may grow in near future, those may result complete shutdown of operation. This is the main reason for which, you should check thoroughly the basic control system and other safety items like mirror, seatbelt, emergency disconnect and other things. If they are on right condition, the operation will be smoother.
  • Properly check tire wear and their pressure
    Tyres are playing crucial role to smoothly operate your forklift. If it doesn’t in right condition, it would be a blunder to go for operation. They bear massive weight. Therefore, make it sure that, you have properly checked tyres and their pressure before rolling out your machine.
  • Focus on fork tines
    Most of the operators are dragging fork tines on ground. When your tines get lowered, they needs maximum fuel to carry the weight and it is important to replace them constantly. To avoid such burden, it is important to raise fork with regular basis.
  • Maintain traction batteries properly
    If you are operating electric forklift, it is important for you to check the accurate charge. If they are now appropriately charged, chances are, you can’t complete your operational objectives. It is not wise to charge several times in a shift. It will reduce battery life and equally affect your operation hour. Never leave batteries half charged. Just unplug after completion of the charging.
  • Properly check hydraulic hoses
    Hydraulic hoses carry fluid and they need to be in right condition. When your hoses wear out, they may begin to crack, split, leak or weaken. To avoid this kind of damage and the danger it poses, keep a constant eye on the condition of your forklift’s hydraulic hoses and be efficient about replacing damaged parts before they fail.

These are some of the basic things you need to follow in daily basis.