The Impact of Corona Virus in The Material Handling Industry

27 Mar 2020

The Impact of Corona Virus in The Material Handling Industry

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is speedily and steadily enveloping the world. It has a firm impact on the various sectors including the material handling industry. Much major economics are shutting down their countries for foreigners and foreign products. The trade war between China and the US has intensified. It has a firm impact on the export and import sector which is playing a key factor in the material handling industry. Travel restrictions have fuelled this war and now it has intensified very badly. Therefore, industrial operators are expecting more losses due to this Corona Virus.

Here is the impact of the Corona Virus on the material handling industry.

  • Lower export and import exercise
    The material handling industry depends on the export and import of goods. However, there is a virtual fear among different countries and they have restricted foreigners and foreign goods collectively. As a result, the material handling industry is suffering a lot. It is inevitable that, when the market crash and there is a global recession, it will directly impact the operation of global trade. When there will lower exercise, there is no requirement for any kind of operation by these types of equipment.
  • Lower industrial output
    At present, all most all the countries have slowed the industrial output. Consumer demand has drastically low and equally the industrial output is low too. While there is a lower output, no need to stock the goods in warehouses. In this way, the requirement of the material handling types of equipment has also reduced to almost nil.
  • Impact on indoor environment
    All most all the warehouse operations are conducting indoor. No matter whether the operation is by ICE material handling equipments of by battery battery-operatedl equipments, they all have been operated manually. Needless to mention, Corona Virus spreads in a close environment quickly compared to others. Therefore, the indoor operation is highly disturbed due to this deadly virus.
  • Health risk of the employees
    The more gathering the more suffering. The tendency of this virus is it will transmit from human to human with several ways. These are including touching, breathing, interacting and even accepting or giving any materials by the infected person. In order to stop all these things, self-isolation has been prescribed. However, when employees on self-isolation, they can't attend on their workstations on time, as a result, the output gets unachieved. Companies have to also invest in the safety of the employees and on their health.

These are some of the areas on which Corona Virus affects the material handling industry a lot.