Everything you should know before buying used load moving equipment

16 Nov 2019

Everything you should know before buying used load moving equipment

Often businesses do not want to spend a fortune on new load moving equipment simply because the used ones seem like an ideal way of saving those extra costs on maintenance program. However, this leads to certain factors one must clearly understand before buying used load moving equipment.

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  • Condition inspection- The primary thing to do before going for any used load moving equipment is their overall inspection. This will let you know about every single detail needed before you start using a forklift. As per your specific requirement you could go for micro load mover for factories or mini load moving equipment for warehouse.
  • Brand Value- Used forklifts can be very reasonably priced. They are very cheap when compared to completely new set of forklifts. The purchase amount of used forklifts can be thousand dollars less than the original cost of brand new load moving equipment. Therefore, they do hold some brand value in the market as there is a huge interest in the warehouse operational activity.
  • Maintenance Factor- Needless to say, used material handling equipment saves you from additional maintenance costs. For a proper functioning of material handling equipment, does not necessarily mean there is no requirement of maintenance. Any equipment needs to follow certain protocols of preventive maintenance program to avoid loss of business or production time caused by machine breakdown. Used micro load mover needs to be properly oiled and lubricated so that they remain useful in long duration.

5 things to digest before buying used forklift!
  • Operating hours- Forklift operating hours are checked in the same manner as that of a car mileage. Forklift hours depend upon the hours it has been turned on. Before buying check for number of hours an operator has used that particular equipment for lifting heavy loads.
  • Load holding capacity- Ensure about the lifting capacity of the forklift which is quite an important factor to look out for before-hand. Again, in this case, detailed investigation is mandatory to figure out what capacity (in terms of Ton) forklifts you want for your specific warehouse operation. For example, an electric stacker of 1.6ton is suitable only for high racking applications.
  • Availability of genuine spare-parts- Another reason to be assured about is the availability of different spare-parts. This can be a bit challenging on operator’s part as they have to dig deeper to get that genuine spare for their forklift. As a matter of fact, the availability of forklift spares has now become convenient due to different companies offering forklift spares for reasonable prices.