Electric material handling equipment: 5 things to know

09 Nov 2019

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Material Handling Equipment (forklifts, conveyors, order-picker, tow tractors etc) comes really handy for different warehouse operations, distribution, manufacturing, consumption and disposal of materials and products. However, to have a clear picture of these equipment there are few important pointers to know before investing.

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  • Compact design - A design of equipment is the plan or specification, defining strategic objectives required to implement certain activity. In other words, it is essential to understand the type of design needed for a particular type of warehouse activity. Physical evaluation of a material handling equipment is required for better understanding. A well-designed equipment lowers the chances of idleness and enhances employee-engagement along with various other factors like - customer service, shortens delivery time, reduces inventory time and reduces maintenance cost and repair cost. For instance - An ergonomic design is primarily important for an operator to reduce physiological exhaustion by giving them multiple seat and posture adjustments to reduce strenuous labor.
  • Quality - No matter what, quality of equipment should be the priority of every industrialist. Quality involves the superiority of something that fulfills an intended purpose. Quality of the machinery points out as the best attribute for an operator to recognize the differences between their own services and competitors’ offerings.
  • Realistic performance and productive - Forklifts are supposed to be designed to perform efficiently by eliminating unnecessary flow of work. Electric material handling equipment such as electric reach truck, order picker, electric stackers, hand pallet, 3 wheel truck etc not only improves an industry’s performance but substantially increases productivity of an entire organization. This equipment are known to cut down fuel cost of forklift fleet, leaves no exhaust fumes and keeps the environment clean and healthy for employees.

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  • Unique transmission - Electric forklifts also involve unique transmission which allows an operator for an automatic transmission of transporting products, which uses different automated navigational skills for guidance and other such features for regular delivery of stable loads reducing inefficiency in a warehouse.
  • Price and availability - Prices of electric material handling equipment is the most affordable machinery available in the market. The demand of this equipment has led to the rise of different financing programs - hire purchase, operating lease, rental options, and bill discount. Prices of these equipment is advantageous in terms of total cost of ownership, refinancing, higher productivity, and growth of your business.

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