Best practices to reduce the maintenance cost of industrial equipment

30 Oct 2019

Best practices to reduce the maintenance cost of industrial equipment

An industrial equipment or forklift is a vehicle that does a lot of work in an industrial application. In order to keep the flow of productivity going on, maintenance of these lift trucks are highly essential.

The never-ending role of a forklift is very crucial for any operator in an industry.

For safety sake, daily check-up of forklifts is mandatory to keep those maintenance costs at bay.

Let’s check the best practices to reduce maintenance costs

  • Hire trained and certified operators or employees to provide maintenance and repair services in case of any breakdown of equipment.
  • A good repair manual always comes handy and right set of tools should be available for the employees to follow.
  • Before using a forklift, start the lift truck and check for any knocks or any kind of exhaust leaks.
  • Check tire pressure and condition of the wheels. In case of a punctured tire, it will jeopardize the entire function.
  • Another routine check-up can be done by measuring fluid levels (diesel, water, hydraulic etc) whenever the forklift is not in use. Low-level of these fluids can cause malfunctioning.
  • Power systems and brakes must be inspected to avoid accidents.

To do for warehouse business

  • Check the battery compartment. Always clean the battery surface, battery cables and battery connectors.
  • Checking the belts on the forklift engine, in case there are any cracks or frays on the belts.
  • Watch out for the forks and mast. The forks must always be in good state, as they’re the most vital part of the machine. If not handled properly, it can surely lead to some serious machine damage.
  • Check the wiring conditions, power steering and other commutator.
  • If for any reason there is a visible damage, immediately address the issue by contacting a technician. This can save a thousand bucks on repairs in the future.

Basically, all you have to do is opt for a good preventative maintenance program for all your industrial equipment. Following the above mentioned practices can help substantially reduce maintenance cost and improve the quality of your forklifts.