Advantages of Hiring Rent Electric Forklifts in Pretoria from Leading Supplier

22 June 2021

The Impact of Corona Virus in The Material Handling Industry

Gone are the days when Forklifts used to be powered by the age-old IC engines that were not offering the desired output. Now things have changed completely, especially with the introduction of electric forklifts. You will find their applications in almost every lift truck and other material handling setup in Pretoria, South Africa – and the reasons are obvious. Their limitations and loopholes have become the talks of the past - thanks to advanced technologies and superior performance.

They possess extraordinary power, speed, and agility in addition to their high lifting capabilities with light & fast climbing, making them run all day without downtime. And, their robust performance in rough terrain in unfavorable weather conditions adds to its big advantages. The result? An increasing number of construction and warehousing are renting electric forklifts for the high priority projects. In addition to this, their energy-efficiency and environmentally friendly features are two of the biggest factors, driving growth for the industrial setup. Electric forklifts have emerged as an ideal & better alternative to liquid-powered lift trucks. The reasons? Low cost operation, 24/7 shifts, less maintenance, highest safety ratings, lower noise level, to name a few.

Let’s Take A Look At The Advantages of Renting Electric Forklifts in Pretoria:

  • Low Operational Cost: According to recent studies, it has been proven that operating with electric forklifts is much cheaper than that of IC forklifts and are easy to maintain. They have fewer moving components and ensure zero downtime without any breakdown. The recharging cost of an electric forklift ranges between $1.50 to $4.50 per shift that is calculated on an 8 hours basis, while on the other hand it will cost you between $18 to $25 for its LPG counterpart. The rates may vary depending upon the geographical location, but one thing is clear that there is a huge difference in the operational cost. Operating with an Electric Forklift saves you $4,200 (approx) per year when compared to IC forklift. You experience much improved productivity and enhanced performance, while releasing less carbon footprints to the environment.
  • Powerful Motor & Battery for Superior Performance: The rapid technological advancement has successfully replaced the underpowered DC motors with high performance AC motors. Forklifts with powerful AC motors guarantee longer operational hours throughout the shifts, and you only require to charge the used battery or replace that with a fresh one. They are built on an energy-efficient platform that ensures non-stop operation.
    Different types of batteries can be used in electric-powered forklifts for storing energy and power supply. These batteries are quite larger in size and last longer than the normal ones. They are cost-effective, very safe, and hardly require any maintenance from end users’. They can be charged quickly during the shift breaks in smart charging facilities.
  • No Health Issues, Highly Safe, & Environmentally Safe: Electric forklifts engines & batteries do not emit any type of harmful carbon footprints that can have negative impacts on human health. They are rated highly safe for the workers’ & for the environment as well, which was not the case with the fuel & gasoline powered forklifts. By opting for Electric forklifts, you are also contributing to making this plant a greener & safer place to live in.
    They are ideal for interior jobs and warehouse stuff. No expensive ventilation required. In addition to this, they are programmed in such a way that they use their motors as brakes, and decelerate and stop on the immediate effect once the operator pulls off his leg from the accelerator. This is one of the key safety features that makes them highly desirable among various industries.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: With lightweight & fewer moving components they make a better choice over the traditional IC units. Electric motors do not come with complex configurations such as; pistons and crankshafts that make them easy to move as compared to the old combustion engines. No tension of changing the oils time again and cleaning the filters as well. Hence saving you from the extra burden of maintenance cost. Less maintenance, more operational hours - what else do you require as a business? Isn’t that great? They are highly dependable in tough operating conditions. No tools or expensive spare parts required to maintain the motor. Just plug into an AC power port to recharge the battery and you are on.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, electric forklifts offer so many other advantages over the IC lift trucks that you may not be aware of. They are as follows:

  • The center of gravity is lower than the IC units and its heavy-duty battery offer better stability
  • They offer workers better visibility of rear angles, as they do not have the exhaust pipe and fuel tank
  • Offers durable performance in all-weather conditions because the motor compartment is properly sealed
  • The compact design ensures a smaller turning radius
  • Less vibration in its class, so hardly there will be any instance of operator fatigue
  • Safer operations in densely populated areas without breaching the set noise level
  • Can be easily fitted into smaller lifts
  • Rated highly safe for operating around decaying products
  • Easy to clean

However, it is a tough call for most companies to decide whether to purchase or rent an electric forklift. Well, that depends on the duration of the project & future expansion. It is always recommended to go with Electric Forklift for Rent in Pretoria. Why? They can save the industrial maintenance costs to a great extent & increase your productivity.

If you are planning to hire or rent an Electric Forklift, then why not get it from the leading supplier of Electric forklift rental services in Pretoria, South Africa. At Forkman, we provide high quality Electric forklifts rental services of various brands, ideal for the construction and warehousing industries. They combine powerful performance and are helpful for industrial use - not to forget their low maintenance cost. The impact of Electric Forklifts on safety, productivity, and operating costs are the biggest driving factors behind their immense popularity.
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