7 essential ways to improve productivity in warehouse business

28 Nov 2019

7 essential ways to improve productivity in warehouse business

An efficient warehouse business can only be possible when there are substantial ways to improve productivity.

Warehouse productivity is considered to be as a top priority of many warehouse managers.

  • Investing in Quality Material Handling Equipment : The foremost aspect towards increasing warehouse productivity is to have a good amount of quality warehouse equipment such as electric forklift, electric stackers or electric pallet trucks. Quality tells you about the physical abilities of the machine which determines whether or not that equipment will be able to sustain for a longer period of time. This also involves the kind of materials used in making that particular equipment.
  • Schedule Maintenance Programs : Maintenance plays a very important role in influencing a warehouse’s productivity level. Right kind of repair and maintenance programs does a lot to forklifts than you can think of. Timely check-ups of material handling equipment keep the warehouse management up-to-date like the preventive maintenance program. Forklifts can breakdown at some time so it is essential to take care of them in to decrease downtime.
  • Change or upgrade to new equipment : This is very important to remember while taking steps for productiveness in a warehouse. Purchasing of new models or equipment can help a lot in the workflow of employees. New equipment will run much faster and deliver better output. This will keep the workers motivated and show them that you are showing care for them which in turn will help create a positive ambience in the organization. Warehouse managers can search for electric stackers which are for sale, or electric pallet trucks for sale, or electric reach truck for rent for short-term operational activity.

To do for warehouse business

  • Employee Training Programs : Firstly, workers must know how to operate equipment in the right way. Once they’re fully trained under forklift operators’ training program, they can instantly increase the production time. Training programs offer various learning techniques to employees to showcase how a forklift can be driven in the rightful manner.
  • Operational Auditing of Warehouse : This is one of the most essential steps towards increasing productivity. Starting with simple auditing of your operational activity can do wonders for your warehouse. This helps the operations manager to keep a systematic record of accounts, or documents to determine how far the financial statements as well as non-financial statements are properly maintained as per the law. This can really transform an inefficient warehouse to an efficient one.
  • Adapt to latest Technologies : To make workers feel comfortable while working offer a warehouse which is equipped with latest innovations. Their experience is all that matters to intensify productivity. This can be done by changing few interiors of the warehouse, installing air conditioner or building a rest area or canteens or simply provide them with the latest tools or equipment.
  • Prioritize the safety of Warehouse :This may sound like nothing to do with the productivity of the warehouse but sure it does. A safe warehouse space prevents accidents, keeps in check the health of the workers, environment. Creating a safe culture to maintain efficiency in the workplace is undoubtedly a continuous effort which managers have to keep track of. If all the employees feel safe then it automatically increases work rate.