5 Types of Forklift Trucks with Features and Benefits

2 Apr 2022

5 Types of Forklift Trucks with Features and Benefits

Looking for a forklift truck to buy but overwhelmed with the different varieties and models available in the market? We get you. Forklifts can be complicated as different models are used for various purposes. While Forklifts are convenient as they’re handy for lifting and carrying heavy loads, it is really important to choose the right one for your work.

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The Different Types of Forklift Trucks

Understanding what Forklift truck to buy and comparing the various models before selecting the one is essential. Go through the lust to know which one is for you:

  • Narrow Aisle
    Operating in tight spaces can be a real hassle and that’s where a Narrow Aisle truck is used in narrow spaces for maximum lifting. The Narrow Aisle forklift comes in different classes such as Reach Trucks, VNAs, and Pivot Steers. These forklifts are slim designed to fit into narrow and thin spaces that regular forklifts cannot. And do not worry about any vehicle issues, as we provide electric forklift repair in Gauteng as well.
  • Reach Trucks
    Reach Trucks have forward lifting prongs that reach heights that you might not be able to. They are mainly used in warehouses where storage is done in high, narrow spaces. High stacking of goods means a high number of storages which is essential to any company. We provide the best services for reach truck repair in South Africa, using the best parts and equipment.
  • Pallet Trucks
    There are several types of Pallet trucks such as hand pallet trucks, power pallet trucks and stacker trucks. These trucks are handheld and do not come with a cab for a person to operate. These forms of trucks are mainly used in stores and warehouses where loading goods is required. Goods are stacked on the fork and moved using the handles. They are quite compact and have no hassle or danger to the operator. We also provide diesel forklift repair Pretoria, in case you live in that area and need servicing for your Forklift truck.
  • Stackers Trucks
    The Stacker Truck is somewhat similar to a Pallet truck. They are designed to lift pallets to 5 meters in height. These trucks are mainly used to stack loads of storage in high places. This type of truck has an advantage over pallet trucks, which do not possess any cable or power.
  • Side Loader
    Side Loader is a special kind of Forklift truck. They have prongs on the side of the vehicle with a person operating from the side cab compartment. This truck lifts goods attached to one side of the vehicle and is used in handling containers. They can handle longer objects than most other regular forklifts.

Besides these types of Forklift trucks there are many to consider according to your need. If you haven’t made up your mind yet and need more guidance then get in touch with The Forkman today.