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Narrow Aisle Flexi


A reach truck and forklift all in one. 

Narrpw Aisle Flexi G4  

"Flexi works in very narrow aisles, lifts up to 2500kg to heights of up to 12m, and loads like a counterbalance.
It's state of the art in optimising storage capacity" - Narrow Aisle Ltd




Compared to a standard reach truck, the Flexi creates around 30% more storage
space within an existing warehouse by operating in aisle widths of just 1.75m.


The Flexi range:


Narrow Aisle Flexi offers a range of electric powered articulated forklifts suited to various warehousing needs.


- Designed to handle Euro Alliance Pallet (0.8m x 1.2m)
- 1.0 metre chassis


- One of the most popular articulated trucks in Europe
- Clear vision mast
- Easy battery change and access
- Lift heights of 12m and weights of up to 2 tons


- Lift heights of 12.5m
- two chassis widths of 1250mm and 1350mm for optimum aisle performance
- Saves space and adds more ground level picking locations
- No aisle restrictions for low level pickers


- Heavy duty Flexi
- 2.5 ton capacity and 9.5m lift height
- two chassis widths of 1250mm and 1350mm
- High capacity battery


 Narrow Aisle Flexi Reach Trucks

Free warehouse assessment:

Feel free to contact us about this exciting warehousing range and we will send a sales rep out to assess your specific needs